Homeschooling; A New Adventure Begins In The Home



I have always wanted to homeschool, from the time LJ was little. Partly because of  Yosemite {Pictured Above} or places equally breathtaking. I have so often thought we live in a stunning world & perhaps we are missing it whilst we sit behind desks, reading about adventures that happen to other people. Perhaps at least that is my Pollyanna view on the world, and an insight into a childhood where I loved to explore…


{5 Year Old Me, screen free and loving it}

I wonder what would it be like if learning was filled with engaging experiences of the subject in which we are trying to learn. Inspired by the world around us to investigate further, a noble errand in satisfying the curiosity of discovery.

I imagine learning that is both wild and tame, free and structured. The World, her cities, natural wonders, stories and people reminding us that there are far bigger things, worthy of our best thinking.

Golden San Fran.jpg

{The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco}

I imagine learning that doesn’t invoke drudgery or fear, but rather awakens in us a sense of who we are and what God is calling us to do. Discovering our purpose in life and equipping ourselves for the task. I imagine study that invokes wonder, curiosity, courage, hope and a quiet inner strength.

I want my family to be close. I want to look back and say we lived simply, but with passion and purpose. I want my kids to be grounded, secure and confident. I want them to know that we love them, to understand their place in the world and to pursue their God given vision knowing they have our full support.

Rachel and Minnie

(Minnie & I out for Dinner}

I want them to have a strong faith in Jesus and to live their lives to glorify him. I want them to have an unshakable peace, a steadfast spirit and the character to act with great wisdom. I want them to have and know deep joy and to bring it to others. I don’t want for them to be strung out, burnt out and looking for escape, I want them to think big, not small, to know the wide open space that is before them, courageous enough to take necessary risk. I want them to have empathy for other cultures, places and stories and a rich love for the world God created. I want for them to have a sense of love for their childhood, one that has laid a foundation for them to be all that God has made them to be.  I want them to have tasted real freedom, real learning, real joy.

Albert Einstein

I think this is one of those absolutely brilliant quotes & I have often found myself wondering, should we do something differently? Is what we want achievable through doing the same thing that has always been done?

For our family, starting mainstream schooling created a new level of busy in our home. Shane working as a pastor meant our life was crazy busy, {I hate that phrase} fun, but intense. My life was full with babies and toddlers, a busyness in it’s own right and  I eagerly anticipated what I thought would be the time relief that would come when they went to school. But it got busier. I limited our kids to only one after school activity each, {a conservative approach to time management} so it wasn’t like we were flooded with an abundance of the extra curricula. But between church, school, assemblies, soccer, dancing, swimming, there was only one afternoon a week where we didn’t have something on, mostly…


{Ballet Concert}

Our lives were bursting at the seams travelling from one place to another, running errands, attending events and training. There was no sense of margin or slow paced anything. Then I got a job! One I absolutely loved, but the daily pressure only increased. Our lives were full, but not necessarily connecting. There was a frantic pace to the military precision that was required to pull off all the blessings.

There's no homework in Finland

Then there was homework. My Kryptonite. Somewhere in the midst of all the activity, there was homework to do, daily, on top of the time we were already spending at school. The kids were at school for 6 hours, on top of getting there early, travel time which for Shane or I was 3 hours a day {post moving}, packing lunches not to mention buying the right colour T-shirt before carnival day, Book Week Parades and finding matching socks for gala days, or any day for that matter. I LOVED our school however, and I was committed to making it work.

But we were all tired, bone weary exhausted & something had to give.

In the far places of my mind was the idea that had been simmering for years now, what if we did something that had the possibility to create a different result? What if I stopped avoiding the thought that perhaps as a ministry family there were some things  we needed to differently? What if I really leant in to who we were, and what we needed as a family and stopped trying to keep up with everybody else? What if I stepped out in faith to that which I sensed was the call of God over my life? Pursuing what I believe would lead to a greater margin, drawing back to simplicity, a space to be truly present, and creating an adventure that began in the home.

Worth Belong.jpg

We had registered for homeschooling once before, but after much prayer decided that we were meant to stay at our school. On this occasion however we prayed, sought wise counsel, registered & then everything seemed to fall into place with supernatural clarity. Which is how our new homeschooling adventure began.

I hope to share with you what I am learning as we take on this big adventure. I want to make room to share creative ideas and resources, to chat with fellow sojourners, parents, ministry friends, new friends. I would love and welcome you to join the discussion, to share, comment, follow, like… I will work hard to ensure this is a safe and welcoming space for you too.



{I value all kinds of education and believe each of us has their own unique calling for our families. I in no way wish to impose my values upon you, nor do I think homeschooling is for everyone, or in every season or situation. It is simply what I feel God is calling us to do. If you would like to read more about us, please visit the about me page} xo


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