Our Adventure into De-Schooling; Freedom on Purpose


Shortly after beginning our homeschool journey my family road tripped to Queensland, our regular holiday spot to unwind and regroup. One of my gorgeous homeschool friends had encouraged me to ‘De-School’ the kids in the first few weeks/months of stepping into Home Education.


The concept seemed so rebellious to me, for someone who has only known traditional schooling, even saying the words de-schooling made me feel like I was truanting. Surely this was not allowed. This was really messing with my ‘OCD’ struggles, I mean I can barely be easy going when I find a spoon is in the fork section. As it turns out however, deciding to de-school as we entered this new season was going to bring freedom to me too. Like Stepping into the wild for the first time…

This is what it has looked like so far for us, in no particular order…


Driving up the Coast of Australia, exploring as we went, with every hour that ticked over I felt our family became less stressed and more engaged. We played in the pool, walked along the beach, played golf, watched movies, read books and took our time. A completely different pace compared to what we have been living. {You can read more about that here}.

We visited Sea World a Few Times and the kids became so interested in Marine Life that they began researching their favourite animals.



We spent a lot of time, exploring the rock pools at Sea World.


Investigating life under the water and tracking Sharks, Rays, Fish and Turtles.


Visiting the Dolphins


Watching them perform and learning how we can make a positive impact on their environment.


Minnie’s Favourite by far were the Polar Bears. There was a new cub ‘Mishka’ and we have spent so much time since reading about and researching polar bears.


Turns out Polar Bears and Penguins are Never Together! Who Knew?


Reading About Whales.


And the Leviathan.

No routine, no procedures, no timetable, just freedom to be and to learn.

This is my favourite. Who knew De-schooling could be so educational?

Lots of LoveΒ 


This is Day 1 of The Write 31 Days Challenge, I will be Writing each day and posting hereΒ if you would like to keep up with our adventures.





  1. Serene in Singapore

    Hi Rachel! Your “he concept seemed so rebellious to me, for someone who has only known traditional schooling, even saying the words de-schooling made me feel like I was truanting.” made me LOL!!!

    Enjoy this time with your children. The bonds made on these days will tide you over the hard days when they come.

    Liked by 1 person

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