For Now I Just Wanted to Tell You How Happy I Am

RJ and Chocolate Bowl

I Love to Cook. My kids LOVE to cook. We cooked a LOT before school started, and before I was working. After that cooking became mostly a utilitarian task primarily to fulfil functional purposes. Barely love, mostly just getting something healthy on the plate as quickly as possible. Life was speedy, food was even quicker.

Brownies Black & White

I missed the days of breaking eggs together and creating a feast for our family and friends. We still cooked but for me the joy was gone. The Rush to produce, and get tasks done stripped my kitchen of it’s once fun.

Healthy Brownies

Being home and cooking for my people is one of my favourite things in the world. In. The. Entire. World. Sharing that with my kids only makes it greater, I don’t fear the mess of cooking with kids, I welcome it. But with so much to do, I didn’t need another thing to clean. No more tasks, please {for the love}. I had excel spreadsheets that needed attention, emails to reply to and phone calls to make, this was not a life conducive to homemade apple pies and our favourite cookies. {Although of course they did still happen}.

Shortcrust Pastry

I missed this part of my life so much, I longed to live more simply, to spend more time teaching my little ones to cook and to share our food with others . For so long I thought I would have to accept that season was over and that healthy pre bought food, or cooking alone and quickly would have to suffice. I was so busy I didn’t even have time to read the books my friends gave me about food and gathering around the table.


Enter my Favourite decision. Homeschooling.  This new chapter in living slower has taken my family back to the Kitchen. LJ is cooking almost every day and adding new recipes to his repertoire. Homeschooling and cooking just seem to go together like Dark Chocolate and Raspberries {Amazing}.

Chia Pudding

The Little ones are cooking too, reading recipe books and researching healthy choices, as well as cleaning up together, you can when you have the time. {I can practically hear Mary Poppins singing, it’s not really that perfect, but it is pretty good}. We have chatted about fractions, temperatures, the metric and imperial measurement systems, not to mention how eggs can work so differently depending on how you use them.

Chocolate Tart

Recipes Will Follow for all our favourite foods, but for now I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to be living simply again, creating food to gather around, and embracing the slow rhythms of this new life.

Lots of Love


This is Day 3 of the Wrtie 31 Days Challenge, to see my other posts in the series click here

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