Inspiring Curiosity At the Museum, From a Mum Who Didn’t Want To Go

Museum Rhino

Museums are BORING! This complaint was not from any of my children, it was me inwardly groaning at the thought of going to the Museum. There, I said it out loud, well out loud on a keyboard anyway, and that’s not really the same thing.

Museum Giraffe

Shane wanted to take the kids to the museum, and really I couldn’t think of a good reason not to go {however hard I tried}. After all, we are homeschooling now, and there is so much to learn at a museum {except that it smells of nepthalene, and is filled with stuff to read about things that don’t move}. I feel so uncultured and uncivilised, but for me the Museum is like one big slow details work of art and it kills me, especially travelling with a husband who loves to read about ALL. OF. THE. FACTS.

Museum Birds

Much to my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be interesting, {Rach! how could you have doubted, the shame}. The Museum was exhibiting a wildlife display and we got to see animals up close that we are hoping to see in the wild next year. Bison, Eagles, Hedgehogs and a Grizzly Bear {although I hope to see him at a considerable distance, very considerable}. We are travelling to the US next year, to explore some of the national parks and we CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Museum Elephant

The Bones were so fascinating to the kids, and invoked discussion about how we work on the inside, a great way to spark scientific curiosity and driving the desire to learn and investigate. We have since borrowed a stack of books from the library on different animals as well as watching some Bear and Yellowstone documentaries together, this is way more my vibe, less moth balls, more movement.

Riley Museum

They all loved the hands on section of the Museum, and the BEST part was, there were schools coming through which we went in front of or behind and mostly had different sections to ourselves. In the past being a mum on a school excursion, could cause you to pass out on the lounge at the end of the day, {putting it mildly} I gave those mum’s touring with their crew a look of solidarity, but happily turned to enjoy the moments of  going slowly with my kids, at their own pace. Watching their wonder and curiosity, chatting to them about what they were learning or wanted to learn, they could really read, and spend time touching and discovering each of them getting a turn.

Walking Through Sydney

My FAVOURITE part though, was walking back to the car through the streets of Sydney, my happy boy, filled full with time spent together just hugged his Daddy’s arm with total joy, all the way back.

Lots of Love



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