I Thank God For This Day, Choosing Free

RJ & LJ at the Cafe

This was the day we rebelled and went to the Beach and Cafe instead of school. It was one of the last days of school for us, and right at the end point of deciding to Homeschool. Gala days were some of LJ’s favourite days, after all what’s not to love? Soccer Games all day with your best mates, Mum or Dad come to watch and there were no “boring” lessons. At this point he was so incredibly over school,Β even on the good days {I mean plenty of 11 year olds are, granted}. But it bothered me that his love for learning was so steadily diminishing.


Whilst this was not the reason we chose to Homeschool, there are so many positive reasons alone {for our family}. This particular day really stands out in my mind {or is rather burned into my brain}. LJ’s Gala Day began at 8am, and was a twenty minute drive from our home. Shane had an early morning meeting which meant I was in charge of all the school runs {I will try not to bore you with the minutia of detail but it meant…}. To send my little ones to school would have been an hour and a half round trip from home to school with an extra twenty minutes to get to the soccer field, around the corner from the beach. At the end of the day would have been another 2 hour trip getting all my people home. {With an honest extra half hour parking and wrangling children out of after school care, all exhausted, hungry and in one car, a recipe for family unity}. Not to mention waking everybody at 5am in order to achieve these high and lofty goals.


After considering every possible avenue to make the day work, I broke and thought, no more! We need not be slaves to the schedule {I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth, ‘Rules Help control the fun after all’}. We live twenty minutes from the beach, it’s a day off! We will go to soccer together as a family and when all is finished, we can go to one of our favourite cafe’s and play on the beach. {This way we could wake up at the more Godly hour of 6am}.


Why isn’t more of life like this? Just like this. Family, sport, sun, sand, waves, coffee! This was such joy and they’re only kids once, why aren’t we doing this all of the time? We could be learning here, just like this. Life could be simpler, on the other side of this decision.


And so just like that, we decided to. Live freer. Chose Learning in the Wild. Chose to create the space to go slower, and deeper.

I thank God for this day.

Lots of Love


This is Day Four of the Write 31 Days Challenge, if you would like to read more of my posts on Homeschool Adventures, click here



  1. caiobhesblog

    I like the choice you made πŸ™‚ I never intended to homeschool but one of my kids had a year at home and it was the best thing we ever did. in the run up to that year we had a few days like the one you describe! They were the best.

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