Homeschooling; a Few Of My Favourite Things

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite One

I have experienced the blessing of so many favourites in this season of beginning Homeschooling. But more Family Time is by far my number one. We have had so much more time together since starting homeschool. Aside from the obvious more time together to learn, schoolwork is done so much more quickly that there is just more time in the day together. I hand on heart love this. I go to sleep so much happier knowing we have had more time to talk, more time to listen, more time to read, play or explore together. There is a greater peace over our home and I am so incredibly grateful.


Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things Favourite Two

Embracing our Home Country & City. I wasn’t expecting this one. With so much to learn on our front step, we can’t help but press in to explore right where we are. There is time to wander & soak in the beauty of our home, which has  created for us a feeling of connection and grounding that is surprisingly comforting.

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite Three

Spending time creating gorgeous spaces in my home to encourage learning is something I really LOVE! Planning & shopping for this endeavour is obviously super fun when you get to wander through shops like this, stunning!

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite Four

The Books! I could look for books for my kids for ages. There are so many beautiful books for them to pour over that drive learning and investigation. I could flick through this book forever, all the pretty pages…

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite Five

No More Uniforms! This. Is. Heaven. This last week would normally have been the time I would have been checking everybody’s uniform requirements heading into the summer season. For a brief moment this week, I had a feeling of dread come over me anticipating the onslaught of organisation required to ensure all the right sizes and pairs of all the different sets were up to date, cleaned, ironed and ready. The relief that flooded my actual soul when I reminded myself that WE HOMESCHOOL NOW, was like eating chocolate after giving up carbs. My kids are well into wearing clothes they love and find comfy. No hurrying to get all the right things on all the right days has left the mind clearer for learning & in my case having thoughts without needing coffee.

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite Six

Freedom. To be who we are, where we are. No Rush, No Pressure, No Stress. Just a beautiful invitation to explore learning in the wild.

These are my favourite days.

Lots of Love


This is Day Ten of my series 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures to read more click here

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