The Pace of Adventure

For the last year  I feel like I have been in transit. Moving from one space to the next in every sense. Travelling like a perpetual taxi driver from event to event, moving house, changing churches, changing jobs and trying to understand our new life. Frantic has not been good for my soul, nor my family’s. As a family we had to work out what we could say ‘yes’ to and what we needed to say ‘no’ to.


Finding a way to settle the rhythm and be present in the moment was what we all desperately needed. It turns out that right here is where we needed to be. Not just occasionally playing, when it all works out, but making time, creating space to be outdoors, to climb trees and observe the world around us, daily refreshing the mind and restoring the soul. Homeschooling has been one of the best decisions we have made for our household.


Today,  RJ & I headed to the park for a playdate with our friends. Over delicious coffee {the adults, not the kids, they had milkshakes} we chatted about the last year and our decision to homeschool, about holidays and plans and it was the kind of conversation that restores the soul.

RJ Park

We spent some time by ourselves at the park as well, and it was just perfect to have just some special one on one time with my littlest man. Climbing, swinging and playing in the rain.


My wild hearted adventurer went from tree to tree to tree.

Up a Tree

After all what better place is there to be than up a tree when you are six.

Birds Nest

Giving ourselves time to wander and explore we found a bird building a nest and watched him for a while. RJ came home muddy and wet after playing for hours outside, had a long hot lavender bath and is asleep on the lounge all played out.


These are the days of childhood. This is the pace for us to family, to friend, to learn and to adventure. It feels like the pace of a bygone era, and it is spectacular.


Lots of Love


This is day Thirteen of our 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, click here to read more

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