Of Books, Weeds and Character Formation

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

This morning LJ cooked eggs for breakfast, he had read recently that this was the most nutritious breakfast and so he wanted to make them for the family, bless him. Afterward they all had a long play on the trampoline, before beginning their chores and doing some weeding, the most awful part of gardening, whilst I cleaned the house.

They did so in preparation for summer and for the fun part of gardening,  getting to do some Spring planting {Hallelujah}. I absolutely love the ability for them to be outdoors and take part in running a house, I think it is character building and part of what I value about homeschooling. Not just the information we get to learn, but how as parents we can have a positive impact on character formation in the disciplines of daily life.

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

{For those interested I have been madly pinning away looking for inspiration for our pool and courtyard space. I could lose hours on Pinterest, I LOVE it! }


Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

When all was done, the kids washed up & had lunch then we sat down to do some reading. RJ is getting better every time we read, today he took the book from my hands and was determined to read all the words for himself. I think something has clicked for him and now he will go forward in leaps and bounds. Until now, he has been a little resistant, he was struggling a little when he was at school with reading. I think for him being home, cuddled on the lounge and growing in confidence is just the motivation he needed. {He is of course still wandering around with the shell he collected at the beach the other day, that homeschool life}.

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

As a reward for all their hard work weeding and before the afternoon sporting activities began, we went shopping for some special treats. The kids are really keen to learn about different parts of the world, their customs, animals, landscape, weather and history. This beautiful book was one of our special buys today and is filled with detail about each country, we can’t wait to read it!

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

After shopping we went to soccer, and as usual we are treated to sitting in the bush for the afternoon, which we all find absolute heaven. So peaceful {other than all the cheering and soccer games of course}, sitting amongst the trees and hearing the birds sing.

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

On the lookout as ever, to see what we can discover in nature if we go a little slower, we saw a Kookaburra perched in the branches and on the hunt for whatever creature we could see hopping around on the ground.

I hope that your day has been just as lovely wherever you are, thank you for stopping by.


Lots of Love



This is Day Seventeen of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here

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