Here’s to Charlotte Mason and an Outdoor Education

Beach closed

Term four has started off like a hurricane in my world, and today was my day off, hallelujah. I needed some serious down time and to invest in something I love to clear my head. Taking photos of pretty places is just what I was craving and a world of wonder for the little ones. So after some bible time and book work with the kids, we headed to the beach for lunch and a little adventure. But when we got there the beach was closed!

Waves Crash


It was still pretty great though! We wandered around watching the waves come barrelling in, it was glorious.

Collaroy RP

On our trip down to the sea, LJ was asking about why there were different beaches, after all wasn’t it the same ocean? We chatted about how waves work and explored how the beaches contributed to this. We came up with a project for him to research waves and beaches further. As it turned out today we got to experience it first hand.


Norfolk Pines, I think these are my favourite trees by the sea, and set against that Australian blue sky, it’s like the woods meet the coast, my two loves.


After a play at the park, we continued on our adventure looking for an open beach… after lunch of course.


Naturally we went to my favourite Cafe for eggs, haloumi, hot chips and aioli. But the David Austin Roses and Lavender stole the show. Galvanised Buckets of pure farmhouse goodness.



All that weathered wood and coastal homewares, not a bad way to spend your time whilst waiting for lunch.


The next beach was open and the surfers were out. {We were only five minutes down the road and different conditions.}

Splash Against

I love the outdoor classroom.

Fishing Aussie

Let me introduce you to the Quintessential Aussie, fishing in the surf.

min Swim

Minnie had a great swim.

Boys Sand

The boys obviously decided to cover themselves in sand once they had swum and got all wet. How do you keep the sand out of the car I can hear you ask?  Don’t matter, it’s only sand. {Truth be told they had a shower and then dried off in the sun, which only took a couple of minutes as it was a hot day, I managed to get sunburnt taking photos.}

coral sea

We wandered around the coral and found crabs {which refused to be photographed}.


We also found the Gulls, there are always seagulls.


These guys however did not leave their post the entire time we were at the beach.

Washing Rock

So here’s to Charlotte Mason and an outdoor education. I like your style Charlotte, so do my kids.

I hope your day has been wonderful, and if you are coveting our beautiful sunshine, it’s meant to pour with rain tomorrow, so perhaps I will post a lot of photos of books and hot chocolate.


Lots of Love


This is Day Nineteen of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here


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