Saturday We Love You

Wanderers 2.jpg

Ahhh Saturday, we love you. Normally Saturdays are pretty full for us with sport, parties entertaining, or going to watch Soccer Games in the evening. Always fun, but nearly always crammed. Shane is in the middle of a Big sermon series at church and so today he really needed a quiet day in the lead up, as did I.

Boys Clothes

I have always hated doing errands on a Saturday, given it was precious time with the kids, but having spent so much time with them this week, it was nice to go out and have a few hours to myself while Shane held down the home front. He and the Kids worked on the pool and went out for breakfast, whilst I got my nails done and went shopping for clothes for the boys. A beautiful break that helped me regroup for the week.

Tree Nest

When I got home, LJ dragged me outside to checkout the bird’s nest they had discovered.

Riley Corn

Whilst RJ showed me the work he had been doing on his ‘go-cart’.


The rest of the afternoon was pretty chilled doing jobs. I think I sorted laundry for much of the day and finally finished sorting out all the kids old school books and art we have been storing up.


It was exactly the day we needed, no pressure, lots of time together and space to get some lingering tasks done.

Cooking Choc Mousse

We made a special Saturday night dinner for the family. RJ helped me make Chocolate Mousse and we were able to sit down in the calm and share a meal and time to pray.

Chocolate MousseWe then sat together to watch the soccer in the comfort of our home. Minnie asked to do math instead of watching the soccer and sat for two hours engrossed in math activities, RJ spent the whole time playing  a reading game. All in the same room, all happy, can we do this again soon?

I hope your Saturday has been just as relaxing.


Lots of Love


This is Day 21 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Advenutures Series, to read more click here


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