There Are No Lazy Sundays In Our Home

There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

There are no lazy Sundays in our house. Today is our BIG day of the week. Shane and I both start early, and finish late. In between services today, I worked, and also planned some of our homeschooling for the week. Given that there is a bit of rushing around on a Sunday,  the kids are allowed to play on screens {on the weekends}, which helps and brings a certain chill out and fun factor that is different to the rest of the week. Minnie has been playing Mathletics, which she is really into at the moment and RJ has been playing Reading Eggs. Both programs they love and are also educational. BONUS.

There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

In the past I have found Sundays hard, knowing the kids are at school early the next morning, and feeling that they are missing out on ‘normal’ family time with us both in ministry. Since the start of homeschooling, I feel our family can now cope so much better with the pace of  Sunday, knowing that there is some space and time coming through the rest of the week.That being said  as usual they had a great time with their friends today, making craft, playing games and singing. LJ has just moved up to youth and is loving growing up into the next phase of ministry groups.

There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

We make time in the middle of the day to sit down and share a hot meal together for lunch and just slow the pace for an hour or two. Reconnect and prepare for the evening session.

There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

We made some homemade apple sauce to go with our Crispy Pork Belly and potatoes which was completely delicious!

There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

We made sure we spent some time at the end of the day appreciating the kids for their faithfulness in serving as a family, and chatted about our upcoming trip to the states for a bit of fun.

I hope your day has been wonderful.

Lots of Love


This is Day 22 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here


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