New Days, New Plantings

New Days, New Plantings

Today began, as any other with coffee. Not one this glorious of course, the home version in a favourite mug and off we ran to playgroup. Minnie and RJ helped me set up, while Shane and LJ had some special father son time. The kids then got onto their work for the day at a leisurely pace.

New Days, New Plantings


Later in the day though, it all got a bit real. We went to school to hand in all the final paperwork, dropping back library books and picking up the kids stuff that has gradually been put together. I had genuine mixed feelings about it all. I kept checking that the kids were OK, wondering if coming back would perhaps cause them to rethink the whole thing? Perhaps I was rethinking the whole thing? Were we really doing the right thing? We have really loved the school we have been blessed to be a part of and whilst I am super excited about homeschooling, saying goodbye is really hard. The kids were totally fine though, despite my concern, happily saying hi to their friends and teachers, keen to get their things, still really happy to be homeschooling.

New Days, New Plantings

I took them out for a special treat at the local cafe afterwards anyway, to celebrate a milestone in their life.

New Days, New Plantings

We used to go to this cafe a lot, when the kids were little. Part Cafe, kids playground, duck pond and nursery.Β We made sure to pick out some seedlings to start our gardening project for the Spring. Β New Days, new plantings.

New Days, New Plantings

Finally the day ended as most do, with soccer training. I had the RJ session, whilst Shane drove LJ to training and took Minnie out for a father daughter dinner at her favourite restaurant. {What a guy!}Β For most of the evening, I was preparing math lessons for the rest of the term, before running into a friend and having the chance to chat, which was absolutely delightful, and a welcome distraction from Fifth Grade Mathematics.

I hope our day has been wonderful.

Lots of Love


This is Day 23 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here


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