The Small Simple Days

The Small Simple DaysWell good morning Spring, how lovely you are today with your blue skies and Jacaranda trees. These lovely starts to the day are beautiful, RJ and I went down to the local bakery this morning to get breakfast for the family after the time we would normally have left to go to school! Croissants, Bread Β and Coffee Hallelujah, what a gift.

The Small Simple Days

After Breakfast the kids were keen to plant their seedlings from our trip yesterday, they have been checking on their garden all day, cuties, gosh I love them.

The Small Simple Days

RJ is growing his favourite vegetable, yellow capsicums {peppers}, Minnie is growing Strawberries {with any luck the bush turkeys won’t eat them first} and LJ is growing Chilli’s for Shane {how sweet is he}. I’m growing some herbs, all in the courtyard outside the kitchen, this is really all just so we can feel totally amazing about ourselves and our achievements when we freshly pick our own plants for cooking. {That is if they survive being watered multiple times a day by my super keen gardening enthusiasts, or the bush turkeys or the cockatoos, God bless you Australia}.

The Small Simple Days

While we were gardening, the brownies we were making for staff morning tea and a friend who we wanted to bless, were baking in the oven smelling absolutely amazing Β and made us all feel like domestic royalty. You have to take the wins where you can my friends, and today those wins smelt of chocolate and freshly watered earth.

The Small Simple Days

Happy guys, Happy Days by the morning ritual home of the coffee cupboard.

The Small Simple Days

After our regular Bible Devotions and Reading time {over coffee of course}, it was onto our book work. We spent a lot of time on math this morning. Minnie is amazing me with her ability to solve problems and her desire for increasingly challenging tasks. She has been working up a grade, but went back to year 2 work today, which she breezed through. Today was all about measurement and balancing scales for her and column graphs for LJ {hoorah}.

The Small Simple Days

The kids spent some time on grammar and writing before some computer work whilst I was in a meeting.

The Small Simple Days

Shane and I went to a work lunch at the local park for burgers, the kids came with us and enjoyed some time in the sun playing in the park or just kicking a ball.

The Small Simple Days

The afternoon was spent on the trampoline, playing water fights while I worked and visiting a friend to drop off the brownies. The evening was spent at Ballet and a soccer game. Once again at the end of it all we are watching the soccer and Minnie and RJ are playing educational games. In a time of great adventure, sometimes the small simple days are the sweet days, a chance to draw in close, to extend learning and to enjoy the sunshine and run around in the fresh air.

I hope you have been able to enjoy some sunshine today.

Lots of Love,


This is day 24 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here



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