Today was Ministry and Homeschool

Kids Min

Today was a busy ministry day for me, teaching and meeting with leaders as well as some necessary administration. ‘Children’s Ministry on Purpose’ by Steve Adams, Children’s Pastor at Saddleback Church is my favourite book at the moment and one that I have chosen to sow into the lives of those leading with me. I love that my kids are around as we meet with great people who care for them and that they can share in the life of ministry with us. Learning leadership through conversations, and seeing up close how things are run and developed, as well as investing in leaders, I believe is of great value for them.


RJ Planting

As well as meetings, and preparations in the home today. The kids all spent some more time gardening and taking care of their plants and mine, hallelujah {if it were up to me, the plants would be in trouble}.

Computer Riley

They each had some computer time, playing reading and math games. LJ did some research, putting math into practice in the real world.


Minnie and I boiled some eggs for lunch and discussed the science of boiling water and how the water changed its movement at each of the various temperatures. {Lunchtime science at it’s best}.


The boys and I had some special time in the afternoon and evening going out for dinner and soccer, LJ’s team won 6-0 today, happy days.


It’s my day off tomorrow and I am craving some beach time with the kids. All day I have been thinking about how blessed I am to be able to take the kids out for the day to ‘learn in the wild’. The peace and calm of nature, inviting discovery and relaxing the soul. I feel like my kids are seeing so much more sunshine these days, and I can’t help but wonder what it is doing for them emotionally, its meant to be good for us, isn’t it? Breathing in the fresh air and sitting in the sun {not too much though, I sunburn so easily}. Being in the outdoors more has absolutely been great for me! Less time stuck in a car, more time being present and grateful for our beautiful surroundings. I can see the positive effect it has on my little ones too.


We may also hit up the shops tomorrow for some homeschool supplies, books, storage, math equipment etc. Presuming it doesn’t thunderstorm as it’s meant to… {That will just make for better pictures though right, and bonus science lessons}.

Anyhow, whatever the weather, we will be together, learning and choosing to make the most of what we can appreciate in the day.

I hope your today and tomorrow has been or will be lovely as well.

Lots of Love x



This is Day 25 of my 31 days of Homeschool Adventures Series, to read more click here



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