Tirimisu with Minnie

Minnie Cooks.jpgMinnie and I did a lot of cooking this weekend, this tiramisu was to take to a lunch today.  It is my fave recipe inspired and adapted from Nigella Lawson Express.


350ml {11.8 fl oz} Coffee – 350ml {11.8 fl oz} Water, 9t instant coffee (Cooled)

250ml {8.45 fl oz} Baileys or Irish Cream Liqueur (In 175ml {5.9 fl oz} and 75ml {2.5 fl oz} Batches)

400g {14.1 oz} Italian Lady Finger biscuits

2 Eggs, separated, keep only one of the whites

75g {2.6oz} Caster Sugar

500g {17.6oz} Marscapone

2 1/2 t Dutch Cocoa Powder

Dark Chocolate Grated


Mix Coffee with 175ml {5.9 fl oz} Baileys (Allow this to be cooled, so it’s safe to put your fingers into before the next step)

Layer One

One at a time soak the biscuits in the liquid until soft, and layer at the bottom of your dish. I love serving in a glass container so you can see all the pretty layers. You could do this in mason jars to serve individually.


Beat the two yolks and sugar, until a thick pale yellow. Fold in the remaining 75ml {2.5 fl oz} Bailey’s and Marscapone until it forms a mousse. In a seperate bowl whisk the egg white until thick and foamy and then fold into the mousse mixture.

Second Layer

Spoon onto the layer of soaked biscuits, then dust with cocoa and grated chocolate.

Chocolate Tiri

Repeat until you have used all your mixture, finishing with a mousse, cocoa and chocolate layer.

Tirimisu Flowers

Refrigerate overnight.

Definitely a Dessert for the grown ups.

Lots of Love x


This is Day 29 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures series, to read more click here


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