What I Learned This Month

What I Learned this month

Well it’s the end of my Write 31 Days Series, and the end of the first month of journalling about our adventure into homeschooling. Like anyone at the end of a journey they have loved, I want to sit in the stillness and share about what I have learned with you. in no particular order and with no particular agenda other than to practise gratitude for what I have been given and to speak it out into the earth.

What I Learned this month

I have remembered who I am. No longer feeling lost in the busy pace of everyday life, I have found freedom, stillness and a calm sense of peace in living slower. I have given up on trying to do what everybody else does, and invested in what I believe is best for our family, even if it is a little rogue. I see possibilities and hope for our future, starting to dream again of all that we could do together.

What I Learned this month

I have watched my kids chase their curiosity into deeper learning about subjects that interest them, making education feel like breathing.

Homeschooling & Immediately Back to the Drawing Board

I have learned that giving time and space for creativity is immensely rewarding.

What I Learned this month

That museums aren’t as boring as they make out.

What I Learned this month

That space to cook delicious food for our friends and family is still really important to me and my family and that it is worth carving out space to indulge in much time in the kitchen.

What I Learned this month

I have learned how important it was for our family for us to have made this decision, how much freedom and peace it has brought to our home.

There's So Much To Learn Out Here; Homeschool at the Beach

I have re-learned that beach days are the best days and that there is so much to learn just out our front door and down by the sea.

What I Learned this month

I have learned that Chocolate Tart is still one of my favourite desserts and creating feasts for our friends together is so much fun.

Back Home; Homeschooling Traditions to Start the New Term

I have learned new traditions to establish as a family in this new adventure.

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

I have found new favourite things, number one being more time with my family.

Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things

I have learned about the plain old average days of homeschooling and the fun of shopping for this new adventure.

I Never Knew School Could Be So Much Fun; Homeschooling by the River

I learnt that Goannas can swim!

What I Learned this month

I’ve learned that the pace of adventure needs lots of slow, deep time outside preferably.

What I Learned this month

That I can’t wait to go back to the States with my family and to explore the world together.

Life as a Kid's Pastor and a Homeschool Mum

How to balance life as a Kids Pastor and Homeschool Mum.

Our Trip to the Dentist and the Perks of Homeschool Life

That it is much easier to run errands and go to appointments when you’re homeschooling.

Of Books, Weeds & Character Formation

That there are so many beautiful books to read.

Fishing Aussie

That Aussies love to fish in the Surf.

What's not to love about rainy days and homemade pizza

That they boys love making homeade pizza.

Boys Clothes

That lazy Saturdays are wonderful.

On The Floor

But as a ministry family there are no lazy Sundays in our home. I have learned to embrace who we are and to find a way to invest uniquely in us.

New Days, New Plantings

We said goodbye to school which was hard as goodbyes always are, but made room to celebrate as all milestones require.

The Small Simple Days

We learned to garden together and to live more simply.

Kids Min

To incorporate ministry and learning in our home.

When Your Day Doesn't Start as Planned

That some days don’t go as planned, but by the beach they are still wonderful.

Off To The Flower Markets With My Baby Girl

That the flower markets are always a good idea, and that you can learn math there too.

Bailey's Cheesecake with Minnie

That cooking is always fun, especially when it results in Bailey’s White Chocolate Cheesecake.


Or Tirimisu.

Teaching Minnie Leadership Skills Whilst Running Playgroup

And finally that kids can learn leadership skills helping at playgroup.

This month writing has been so much fun, I have loved journalling our adventures and will continue to do so even now the challenge is over. I love being able to look back over what we have done and to share it with friends.

I hope your month has been equally lovely and that if you to have been writing in the challenge that you are blessed now with some rest.

Lots of Love x


This is Day 31 of my 31 Days of Homeschool Adventures series, to read more click here






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