Of Flower Markets and Belly Laughs

Of Flower Markets and Belly Laughs

Today we took the day off bookwork, Shane is about to be away and I thought it was better for the kids to have some hang time with him. The day started at the flower markets, just me this time though, which was some nice time alone given that Shane is travelling soon, and I won’t have a break for a little while. I meandered through the flowers for the morning purchasing flowers for my friend’s fortieth. It is such a splendid time to be here in Spring with row upon row of all the pretty flowers.

Of Flower Markets and Belly Laughs

The groceries were delivered whilst I was  out and after placing all the beautiful blossoms in buckets I slowly unpacked before heading to work for the day.

Of Flower Markets and Belly Laughs

Our previously made Banana Bread was devoured whilst I was at work and after a full day working, the kids came and joined me for the afternoon in kids ministry, where we did Paper Mache.

Of Flower Markets and Belly Laughs

We had guests over in the evening even though our home looked more like a florist market, this is the challenge of entertaining isn’t it? Doing it despite life and it’s mess.  We sat around the kitchen island with our Friday treat of slow cooked nachos, perfect for when you get home after 6. Our friends, Shane and I all did the enneagram test and laughed so hard at our personality traits for good or ill, long belly laughs that are good for the soul. A glorious end to a busy day.

I hope whatever you have done today you have been able to laugh.

Lots of Love x



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