Country Tripping and That Glorious Farm Life


Earlier this year we went to the farm, and given that not much exciting is happening here today, other than recovering from illness and working. I thought I would share with you a previous adventure.


There is nothing I love much more than a farm. The country vibe, the imperfect rowdy nature of it, the smell, the sounds, the simplicity. On this particular day it was raining which really only perfects the whole experience, mud, rain and farm animals, oh my.

Sheep and Goats.jpg

This little farm is not far from us and was a great experience in wandering around the property, learning about how the animals are fed and cared for and getting to join in on the fun.

Feeding Lamb

What little person doesn’t love feeding a lamb? Her hand just holding the lamb’s head and doting on the gorgeous creature makes my heart melt.

Minnie With Goats

Goats on the other hand are not always as friendly, although I find this black and white one completely hilarious.

Riley Goat.jpg

RJ was surprisingly confident with farm life.

RJ Donkey.jpg

Even when face to face with a donkey.

RJ Sheep.jpg

Or the herds, those little hands are the hands of surrender – I have no food.

Minnie Bunny

Minnie could have held these bunnies forever, she came home begging for a rabbit of her own. Sadly for her (and me) we could not oblige, with a dog, a cat, fish and not much grass, enough was enough at this stage. Although I really do want one.


I hope that you have had a day that is filled with loveliness and if not, I hope you are able to reminisce on a day that was.

Lots of Love x


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