Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

Well kids grow up, there’s no denying it, slowing it down or pausing it even for just a little bit. The trick then I guess, is growing with them, learning every new stage and enjoying it for what it is, what it brings and what it teaches us, embracing the changes and celebrating the joy.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

On this day of sand and waves, I saw the obvious difference in my two boys. Differences, no doubt I had already clearly identified but particularly obvious here at the beach. For the most part my two boys get along like the best of friends, brothers and comrades. LJ happily brings his brother with him and includes him in whatever he’s doing and RJ valiantly tries his best to keep up.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

But on this day it was clear how close my big boy was to moving into the next stage. Aside from arguing most of the morning, really about anything and nothing not to mention an initial reluctance to come down to the beach in order to rest {please}. He ended up loving this day, ‘this is the best beach ever, can we come next week, can Uncle Tim come back from Sweden to teach me to surf’…

Learning to Rest Well

Fascinated by the movement of the ocean and swimming past the breakers.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

The laughter and joy at the strength of the waves was like finding a cure he didn’t know he needed. A new-found freedom, only found by those big enough to wade in. He loved challenging himself to go further, exploring the waves against or with his own strength. He just laughed and smiled with deep joy the whole time. From a boy who was ‘too tired’ to go I couldn’t get him back to shore to go home, he was having too much fun.

Learning to Rest Well

RJ on the other hand still has a healthy little sized fear of the ocean. He would wade in and quickly run back out as the waves came breaking in, happy to sit on the sand and watch as the waves only gently lapped at his feet.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

One diving in, one watching. As part of my role I read a lot about the different stages of development growing up. I LOVED today getting to see in real life such an obvious example of it. Not only the physical example of swimming but even the conversations that surrounded our day. Talking with LJ about how waves work, the importance of the red and yellow flags, how they determine where to put them, how to stay safe at the beach. Then talking to RJ about colour, size, waves and also staying safe at the beach. This is such an important lesson for us, in Australia. One I hope to teach them by taking them to safe beaches, where the waves are the right size for them, talking to them about how to look for danger, and ways to keep safe.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

Of course the beauty of it is, there is still the pool to play in together, I hope that never gets old.

I hope your day has been full of adventure wherever you are.

Lots of Love x


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