A Fairly Ordinary Day of Laughs and Debacles


Today was a fairly ordinary day. Playgroup in the morning, followed by some book work for the kids and reading and writing for me. There’s only a couple of days before Shane gets back, but I feel we are all really hitting our limits. No one’s behaviour is on point if you know what I’m saying, are pastors allowed to say that? Yep. Its been a loooooong weekend, with a few challenges. So when LJ asked to cook this afternoon, it took all my mama love to say yes, what I really wanted was to just flop on the couch and watch The Great British Bake Off.

LJ Cooking

He had an idea he was experimenting with, {a beautiful thing for a child to have, who was I to stop the dream} in his mind this was a great idea, but due to our diminishing stock supplies {and not wanting to shop with everyone, Shane will be home in a few days} and my lack of understanding of what he was trying to describe it turned into somewhat of a disaster. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand his dreams for a new type of Christmas treat, it wasn’t a recipe, it was an idea that seemed to merge chocolate fondant pudding with various other forms of chocolate wizardry. I didn’t get it, I was trying to use what we had with actual recipes but although it tasted nice, it wasn’t quite/at all the grand plan that had been imagined. But alas we had quite a few laughs at the whole debacle, and quite a few laughs at my obviously deteriorating ability to listen well.

No Tiles

Here is a photo of our unfinished kitchen, the tiles are bought and sitting on the floor waiting to go up. But I had to show you the beautiful flowers that two different lovely people brought me this weekend, regardless of the state of the kitchen. Without knowing it, these friendsΒ both brought me some of my favourite flowers {my favourite gift} on a weekend where I really needed some care. Like a little gift from heaven. So here they are in perfect imperfection.

Batman Cars

Here’s my little guy practising his writing, adorable. What I love about this photo is the two Batman cars sprawled across his workspace. Lately he always has a car in his hands, zooming around the tables, floors, walls…. This is one of those shots that just captures what I love about homeschooling, the freedom to play, move and learn in a way that makes sense of life.Β I am curled up in bed now watching stand up comedy that makes me laugh so much I cry.

I hope your day has been full of laughs and all the simple things.

Lots of love x


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