Homeschooling Has Been Good For Our Health


After some work this morning we headed off to a friend’s property for the afternoon {this photo above is not it, but it was such beautiful country goodness I couldn’t resist taking a photo.} Today I realised how completely unaware my kids are of farm life when LJ could not believe the lack of shops in the area, Jesus take the wheel. I mean they have seen farm animals before at a hobby farm, but to actually go to an area where there was not much around other than properties was a real eye opener for them.


Walking through their property were some wild deer which really is incredibly brilliant, these are one of my favourite animals and a real treat to experience watching them today.


The boys spent most of the afternoon racing on the deck. {which inevitibly scared off the deer, but nonetheless much joy was had}.

Bow and Arrow

Minnie meanwhile tried her hand at fake archery.


As the kids were well entertained with the pituresque country setting, my friend and I chatted about ministry, life and friendship over simple food and drink.

Park 3

We gave ourselves plenty of time to make it back for soccer and it turns out we were super early and so we spent some time in the park playing before heading over to the field, unfortunately my fave coffee shop was closed however.

RJ Walk.jpg

Tonight’s match can only properly be described as the World Cup for 6 year olds {not really, but with the level of intensity from the sidelines you would have assumed so}. I made it my job to smile as big as I could just to try and ease the tension baby.

RJ Bike

One of the things I love about homeschooling is how active my kids can be. So much of their day is spent outside playing, engaged in the learning of childhood and building physical fitness.

I have asked the kids before how much time they used to spend outside or exercising at school and they guessed that maybe it was half an hour a day? {other than sport days of course where they got a little more time to run around}. The average bell times suggest 20-25 min for recess and 40-50 min for lunch, which if they used all that time to run around and none to eat or go to the bathroom , then maybe they would have an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes a day? If they took at least 30 minutes out of that to eat etc then perhaps half an hour to 45 minutes? If that’s true it seems such a little amount for them to play. My kids all do sport after school {and still do} but before starting homeschooling they had no time to play in the morning or after school, {with travel time being so long for us and all the homework and extra curricula} so their only time to really play during the week was at school.

RJ Deck

To play, invent, explore, develop their skills and to be in the sunshine {the essentials of childhood} seems to valuable a thing to give such little time to. I think it’s a freedom worth having and one worth celebrating. Since making the leap to homeschool, as a family we are eating better, playing better and living better in our new season. For us an unforeseen perk has been that homeschooling is good for our health.

I hope that today you were able to enjoy some time in the sun.

Lots of Love x


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