It’s Party Time, Shane’s Home Hallelujah!

Walking To Beach.jpgWell after a long Ten days with the three amigos it was time for Shane to come home. They really have been amazing while Shane has been gone, but it was my first time flying solo and homeschooling. Which meant no break ever for ten days. Not a quiet trip to the shops, or any body else to field a single question, and I am a little tired from the experience truth be told. On the flip side this is also the best they have ever coped with one of us being away. I think partly because with our new homeschooling journey home has a new grounding, a place of rest and comfort that means you don’t feel far from the ones you love even when they’re away.


My little people were so excited for Shane to come home they could barely contain it and so they spent much of the day preparing a party to welcome their dad home. {What can be translated here is, lots of noise, lots of excitement, lots of activity.} We found all the party and fiesta supplies we could around the house and decorated the house fit for a huge celebration.


LJ insisted on homemade doughnuts which he knows his dad loves, baking today turned into a great lesson on fractions as it turns out. LJ looked up the recipe and made them completely by himself, at one stage however the mixture was really runny and not at all like a dough, he asked what had gone wrong and we got to talk about the difference in numbers and how we could rectify the problem mathematically. {Fun way to learn}.

Doughnuts Ready .jpg

They turned out pretty great and Shane loved them. We also made homemade pizzas and Pavlova {Shane’s favourites}.

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

Our daily blog is a little late as we spent the night celebrating and opening presents from Shane coming home and watching the Socceroos make it to the World Cup! This morning we are off to the beach for some special family time before the big weekend of work takes off.

I hope your day has been special wherever you are.

Lots of Love x


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