Exploring the Rocks down at Palm Beach

Watching My Boys Grow Up at The Beach

Today we went down to the beach with Shane for some sea breeze in our hair and an investment in rest, all before being home for lunch. Last week the rocks looked like this. The waves were crashing into the pool and there was water everywhere. The waves were great and the kids played in the ocean.

RJ Climbs

Today the rocks were dry, and the ocean had a blue bottles {stingers} warning so we went exploring just a little instead.

Rock Carving

We found this rock engraving, which was pretty special and had the kids intrigued for ages.

RJ Rock

Trying to stop this guy exploring was a lesson in itself.


LJ was keen to climb and look out to sea.


Today we saw a yacht, which is just so picturesque on the ocean as well as some kite surfers given it was an especially windy day.

RJ Explore

There is so much to see and do out here, the haven of a small boy prone to investigate and explore, a playground like no other.

Min Swim

The kids were still able to swim in the pool which was brave given it was freezing, but we met some tourists who wanted to race the kids and so they had a great time doing laps of the pool trying to beat our new friends.

RJ LJ Wall

Drying off before heading home to warm up and read for the afternoon, as well as dealing with some other minor crisis. I am proud to tell you I handled the minor upset with calm and quick decision making. I think I levelled up as a Mum today, we all get to sometimes, today was my day. Hallelujah! So I have sat down this evening to blog and am just about to start reading about how to make your home cosy, which is just what I need after my little afternoon adventure.

I hope your day has been full of joy wherever you are today.

Lots of Love x



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