Hygge Aromas From the Slow Cooker

Lemon Board.jpgI am a little late to the party, but have been following along mildly for a while. Today I decided to embrace a little Hygge living and make a slow cooker of delicious smelling goodness to infuse the house with the scent of cosy.

Hygge Bowl

Before heading over to playgroup this morning, I filled the slow cooker with Water, Lemons, Cinnamon powdered and sticks, cloves and Vanilla Essence. I then put the slow cooker on and let the  house fill up with pure Hygge deliciousness. It has smelt amazing here all day!


Continuing on the Hygge home vibes my good friend gave me a beautiful bunch of Hydrangeas last night straight from her garden, which I promptly placed in the kitchen where I will see them the most, they are such a cosy comforting flower.

Peppermint Playdough

While I was at all the cosy, comforting home Hygge living I made some play dough with peppermint essence. There is nothing on earth that makes me feel more Martha Stewart than homemade play dough.


Wherever you are I hope your day is cosy.

Lots of Love x


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