Christmas Advent Family Fun

Christmas Advent Family Fun

For years our family has had our own little tradition for Christmas Advent. In a season that can get crazy with activity and rush, especially in our home there is the chance to grow apart rather than create special memories. We have not always got this perfect by any means, we have struggled through some years, but we still bring it out every year hopeful that we will complete every day this year. No pressure, just hope.

Christmas Advent Family Fun

Each day leading up to Christmas we read from the Jesus Story book bible by Sally Lloyd Jones exploring the biblical history that leads to Jesus Birth and finally share the message of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day.

Christmas Advent Family Fun

At the same time we open a different envelope every day with a special instruction inside, I usually do this ahead of time and place specific fun in certain dates. This helps ensure success. For example I put the go to an outdoor carols in the night we are going to an outdoor carols event, when I know we will need a break I put the ‘watch a Christmas movie’ card in the appropriate pocket and so on.

To download a copy of what we do, so that you can try the celebrations with your family click on the link below.

Advent Calendar Tree – Sample Picture Below

Christmas Family Advent Calendar Fun // Free Printable

Advent Calendar Bauble – Sample Picture Below

Christmas Family Advent Calendar Fun // Free Printable

Every year I do something different to display them. At the moment I have a string of pegs with numbers on them where I place blank envelopes. In the past I have put in the advent pocket of a wall hanging, or in numbered boxes.

This tradition has been one of my favourite things I have done as a mum, my kids remember all the things we do and every day cannot wait to open the envelope and do the activity, however simple. I will be sharing on the blog over the next month the things we do, including recipes and photos but wanted you to be able to join in the fun! I would love it even more if you joined me over on instagram to see some more of our adventures and better still to join in the sharing which you can do with #paperandearthchristmasadventure

I hope your Season is blessed and that you get much joy from this adventure.

Lots of Love x


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