That Once a Year Weekend, Where it’s All On

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

Well to all my people, I am sorry I was a little missing in action over the weekend. We just had that one that comes around this time every year where things get a little crazy. LJ went on his first youth camp this weekend, so I sent him off with a mixture of joy and sorrow. My little boy is growing up and I was going to miss him, as well as he is going to have the best time, this is so great!!!

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

It happens to be as ever the weekend the annual dance photos are on, which would have been OK except I was working most of the weekend and it was also soccer registration day for next year. It is always this weekend, and no matter how I try there has not been a year that I haven’t needed to whip down to the dance shop on the way to replace a pair of tights, shoes, booby pins, hair donut, lipstick…. Thankfully this year Shane did the last minute dash to the store while I was on a road trip down to camp to help with a little something.

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

I took RJ with me so he could give his brother a hug, survey the site and avoid what would have been dance photo agony for him. Regardless of the pace of the weekend, it was beautiful to stop here for a moment and take in the picturesque surroundings.

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

He found the way to the edge, and wandered right along it.

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

We quickly did our task and then headed home for Dance photos round two. After which I came home for around half an hour before heading out to a church family’s home for dinner,  which was truly lovely.

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

Sunday was church most of the day with a break in between to race to soccer registrations right before they closed, hallelujah. LJ came home from camp happy and exhausted, his poor tired little face came in off the bus and headed straight home to collapse on the lounge and begin making up for all the food he had missed from home over the weekend. After evening church we made Nachos to welcome him home.

That Once A Year Weekend, Where It's All on

What I really wanted/needed this weekend was to sit and read my new book for a minute, but it will have to wait till later in the week when end of year crazy has settled a little. Regardless of the crazy pace over the weekend, I am so grateful to have created some margin that means, on the back of this weekend we are not stepping up for more busy this week, today the kids can chill and read and we can settle into a quieter routine.

I hope wherever you are you are having a weekend that is peaceful.

Lots of Love,



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