The Discipline of Self Care, and Taking Myself Down to the Beach for a Time Out

BH Entry.jpg

In a crazy season after an extremely busy few days, today Shane sent me for some much needed time out. To be honest, I didn’t really want to go, I forced myself out of the house after laying on my bed for the morning, where I could have happily stayed all day. I had just worked two very busy full fourteen hour days back to back and I was physically and mentally exhausted. I knew a time out sitting by the seaside would help me relax deeply, but I also knew it would take the investment to receive the benefits. BH Bal

I was very happy to be with the kids but when she offered some alone time, I knew I needed it. He had a job for them to do with him and it was the perfect day create some space for the week ahead. After all I would be back in the afternoon for dancing and bike riding and now that soccer is over, some time at home to Hygge and catch up on some baking shows.

BH Fish

I am terrible at making time for myself, absolutely awful. It is always the last thing I will do and often only once a year, but I am trying to pursue the discipline of self care so I can look after everyone else around me. It is a discipline, an intentional step and investment to do things i like alone. No jobs, no tasks, just a moment to sit, to read and to be still.

BH Food

So down I went, alone to the beach for some hot chips and coffee and a chance to let my mind consider all the thoughts rolling around my head and create some calm space.


I brought along my book and my bible to read and let myself pause for a little while. I was glad I came, I almost didn’t. I almost turned the car around to head home or just nearly went down to the local shops to run some errands, but I forced myself down here because I knew it was good for me.

Bh View

I took the day to just watch the waves without to many people around, essential to a good day off.


Now I’m home and ready for the afternoon activities and looking forward to a night on the couch, hopefully while the storm rolls in.

Lots of Love x


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