Getting Ready for our Holiday

Here's To Summer, Let the Holidays Commence

It’s been a BIG year for us over here in our little corner of the world. A huge year, the biggest in fact in our married and ministry history, it has been tough and constant, full of ups and downs and things we never imagined when we first got married or when we decided to go into ministry. We have been in employed ministry for nearly twenty years together I began in the year 2000 and Shane went to college in 2003. We moved into the parish we are now in 16 months ago, but began working together in February this year, which is the first time we have done that.

Funny Pine

We didn’t want for our kids to be unsettled and so we kept them in the same school and the same extra curricula activities but with all the driving we were struggling, just for school runs we had a round trip of about 3 hours per day and then add a couple of hours driving for sports. The kids were sick of driving, we were sick of driving and amongst other things we knew something needed to change. That’s when we explored the idea of homeschooling, which we had always wanted to do, and thus began the adventure late this year to homeschool our 3 kids. We have loved it and been able to find rest and time together again which has been amazing.

What I Learned this month

Before we decided to homeschool and during a really big year for us, we decided we needed to go on a big family holiday. To travel overseas and create some space and time time to make some wonderful memories. Shane and I have travelled to America for work alone but we have always wanted to go on a family vacation here and so we booked flights and chose to invest in some special family time.

Yosemite Walk

I am now however on the booking details side of the island and need to plan our trip. We were hoping to book an RV and travel to some national parks, but I am reconsidering and wondering if we should just fly to a national park and stay for a couple of weeks rather than travel around? I am digging through blogs and pinterest to find inspiration, but if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. I would love to go to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier or Alaska? Seeing animals is super important to me, which is why I would love to go to Yellowstone and see the bison.

Paper and Earth. Homeschool Dreaming; Wandering around the World

We will be there in the Spring. We will spend some time in Disneyland and I would love to visit Saddleback Church again, this time with my family.

Lots of Love x


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