Happy New Year! Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018

Egg Nog Mix.jpg

Well Christmas has come and gone here is blogville and I was off spending time with my loved ones, gearing up for the busy season at church and home and choosing to chill in the quiet moments that were left at the end. I missed you though my people and sharing every day on my little piece of the internet. But there was much merriment, we made eggnog.


And Pudding. We followed all our usual little family customs and traditions which I love with my whole heart.

Star Wars Christmas

We have made our home our little sanctuary over this period and have had many PJ days filled with sounds of laughter and new toys. We have been in the pool constantly over the last week when no one knew what day or time it was and many bedtimes were a comfortable 10pm. Summer has started with much joy and I love this season of the year.

Here's To Summer, Let the Holidays Commence

2017 has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging of my entire life and with it came both the highs and the lows. As well as one of the best decisions of my life, homeschooling the kids.

We have had some of our best adventures this year, so many days at the beach exploring, a road trip to Queensland, days at the markets, time with friends, bush walks, reading and cooking. I have loved this year with my babies and I know this year will be incredible, we are so looking forward to a full year homeschooling and our first overseas adventure together!

Bible Morning

Today however it starts as I wish it to continue and end, in the word of God sitting at the feet of God, asking him to lead me and carry me, to speak to me and to walk me through each day of this coming year. I need him now as ever and am so grateful for the way he is already ministering to me in this new season.

I pray that wherever you are today you celebrate the new year with joy and that God will lead you in 2018.

Lots of Love x


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