Camping at The Beach

LJ & RJ South Coast.jpg

Last weekend for the first time in a long time, Shane planned a surprise trip for our family to head down to the Beach to go camping.

The last time we camped, we forgot important things like, lights, an esky and food, we were new to this whole thing and not very good at it. That was when Riley could crawl. What an experience. This time it was a left field decision that we made in the middle of a trying time. We had the time in days off, and camping equipment so we just packed the car and went.

RJ South Coast .jpg

It was wonderful. This time we didn’t place any pressure on ourselves to get it right, but just to go and enjoy each others company for a couple of days with no distractions. Pre homeschooling this was not a decision we could make with Shane working weekends, sport on Saturdays and school all week, but this time we could and we did, it was wonderfully liberating.

The Farm Beach

We had no plans, just a desire to sit as a family in the stillness of God and wait for him to move and speak into our world. We played cards outside our tent at night, went for walks along the beach, read and prayed. But my favourite part of all was adventuring to a beach I had always wanted to go to.



My brother (an avid surfer) had described this beach to me about ten years ago when we lived down here, but I never went to find it, even though I had always wanted to. He said it was a surfers beach, a little hidden but the best down this way. Even the name ‘the farm’ was appealing to me, so when Shane asked what we wanted to do on the Friday I suggested we try and find it. I threw out the disclaimer that I didn’t know where it was, and we could just search, it turned out to be only ten minutes from where we were staying, and it was beautiful. Just as I had hoped (other than having to walk past a red belly black snake). We had to walk down 200 metres of stairs to get to the beach, but it was quiet and perfect.

The Farm

The whole journey felt like a defining moment with a God whisper reminding me, sometimes the thing you always wanted is right there, you just have to take the time to be still, step out and search a little bit, without having everything mapped out, and what you have been looking for you will find is not that far away.

Praying for the whisper of God in your world, for beautiful beaches and memorable trips with your family.

Lots of Love


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