Speaking Praise Over Circumstance

CronullaWell what a whirlwind. The year started and then took a completely different turn than I was expecting. All my best laid blogging plans went out the window for a little while, while my family and I just pressed into the important things and began building some strength into our days.

Bible Morning

It’s funny how in the hard times you can have a clarity about the most important things, a humbling way of being brought to your knees, to seek the Lord and his will in everything. So here I am, here I have been at the feet of Jesus, asking for help and courage, grace and strength. Praying that Jesus would guide my steps, my heart, my breath and my gaze asking him to help me to look heavenward to bring it all before him, knowing that he is good and that he loves me.


I have had this playlist on repeat over the last few weeks, literally on all the time, speaking praise over circumstance and faith in place of fear.

Apple Slice

We have had a lot of home time, cooking, cleaning and time with our heads in books. We have begun the year with a sustainable and enjoyable rhythm of bookwork.


The kids have even got to the point of beginning their bookwork earlier and earlier in order to create maximum play time together (which is also learning). I have been so impressed with their growing work ethic to get their books out and commence work before being asked. Chores are being done without complaining and even though external events have been challenging, our home has been a haven of peace and joy through it all. Riley’s reading is picking up again and Levi is really enjoying science.All the external activities like dance and soccer have recommenced, with Levi’s soccer taking on even greater levels of training and commitment. He now trains 3 nights per week and two morning sessions, I don’t know how he would have coped with traditional schooling on top of the soccer schedule and I am so grateful that after a hard morning of training, he can come home for a hot shower, and relax before starting work.


For me, in an effort to choose to do things I enjoy I am making a patchwork quilt for Mia, I have been working on this for a while, about once per month at a good friends house, faithfully cutting out piece after piece. Now however, I am starting to sew! In this season I am finding joy in the simple things, like coffee with friends, family time, sewing, reading, singing and enjoying beautiful moments with the kids as they grow and develop at home  relaxed and engaged.

In your season, wherever you are, may you be blessed.

Rachel x

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