Simple Saturdays & Board Games

Here's To Summer, Let the Holidays Commence

Today was an ordinary kind of beautiful. Everybody slept in after a late Friday night, Levi was out at youth, and everybody waited up with your typical Friday night shenanigans watching family movies, special dinners and the like. We ate crepes for breakfast as was Levi’s request because he woke up with the flu, and so we happily obliged in order to cheer him up.

Mushroom Soup

Being the necessarily slow kind of day that it was (we cancelled about 5 different invites/events in order to stay home and rest) I made a Hungarian Mushroom soup for lunch, with bunches of fresh herbs. I have never made it before, but we are cutting back on our budget at the moment and so I am trying to plan all our meals and incorporate some vegetable dishes it was delicious!


As the day rolled on Shane and Levi watched some movies together and I spent some time playing board games with the little kids, Riley happily obliged to let me take this photo of him.

Zingo Game.jpg

Zingo is an old favourite of ours, and was so good to see Riley’s reading coming along.


Mouse Trap .jpg

We then played Mouse trap in the kitchen whilst we cooked potatoes for dinner and boiled eggs for snacks, it was so much fun and so relaxing.

Tedlets .jpgRiley insisted on his teddy bear (Tedlets) being allowed to play and would roll the dice for him every turn, this drove Mia crazy, but I was in absolute hysterics at the whole thing, it was so much fun. We had a BBQ for dinner and now Shane is sitting working on his sermon while I write away and it really has been a beautiful day. Just slow and simple, filled with time together.

Lots of Love x


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