I think Autumn Is My Favourite, Cinnamon Scrolls and Soccer in the Rain

Cooking Minnie

This morning the kids got up and straight into working, most days this is a breeze, they have got into a rhythm of working well through their routine. But today, at least the beginning was a little like pulling teeth. Levi has been sick for a couple of days and so hasn’t had his normal dose of hours and hours of soccer training, mixed with a rainy day and feeling a little better, the boys were bouncing off the walls, and took a long time to settle into their work. I tidied around them as they worked, sorting and rearranging books in their shelves, with those in the library so they had fresh books to read. If it weren’t for the complaining on the sidelines it was actually quite therapeutic. Bless them.

Rising Dough

Thankfully it doesn’t actually take that long and we got through it in no time. I sent the boys out in the rain to get their noise out and Mia and I had some time together slowly cooking. I went on Pinterest to find Autumn recipes as the new season had begun and the crisp coolness was in the air after a long summer. So we made Cinnamon Scrolls which we needed to rise and so we could talk about the science of baking as well as practicing fractions while we cooked.

Cinnamon Rolls

It was a pretty delicious afternoon tea, I have never made them before, but Shane declared them his favourite, Mia was thrilled.

Shortbread Roll

We made shortbread because we were having so much fun cooking and I was at the end of our grocery shop, so eggs were thin on the ground.


Mia went to dancing in the evening and Riley had his first official training night with his academy for the Winter season in the rain. He came out to the car soaking wet and so happy, he slept well last night. Levi was meant to be at training in both the morning and evening, but as he was getting over the flu he just stayed in the car with me, sheltered from the rain watching his little brother train. We spent lots of time silently reading, or having lovely chats about his brothers amazing skills.

Tedlets and Berries.jpg

As it turns out, we will be out every night of the week for training for someones sport or activity and some early mornings too. I honestly don’t know how we would cope if we were juggling long school days as well. I feel like we would never see each other. I love that they are involved in as much extra curricular as they are, but we have decided hat we just can’t do it all. It is so nice to take Levi out to training (Shane actually does it, legend) early in the morning, but for him to be able to come home, get cleaned up and relax in his home whilst doing school work with his family. Life just feels a little slower and quieter, when he has to go back in the evenings and train again, it isn’t as much of a burden, or rush because we have had some down time together.

Lots of Love




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