Magnolia Trees and Soap Wrapped in Paper


Today hasn’t been particularly exciting, just rather ordinary actually, which really is rather nice. Reading, bookwork, patchwork quilting, cooking, gardening and dancing for Mia. It’s given me time to look through my photos I took on the weekend and time to think about simple things that I love. What are the simple things as a mum that bring you joy? Not the simple things with your kids, I know they are a mile long, there is so much to love and be thankful for. But what are the little things, that have nothing to do with being a mum that simply bring a smile to your face when you see them? I was walking through a homewares store the other day while I was waiting for a friend I was meeting to have a coffee with, and in this particular store were dozens of different variations of soap wrapped in paper.


This is one of those old school very simple things I absolutely adore. I love to pick them all up and smell the different fragrances, I find the smell (my favourite is always french pear) so sentimentally exquisite, and the paper is so pretty and able to immediately transport you to whatever place they represent. There is something so simple and homely about them. Soap in paper and soy candles in pretty glasses these really are some of my favourite things.


Not to mention the Magnolia trees, they are so very beautiful. It is these little things that I think make our house feel like a home, little treasures that I adore so very much and create a space of cosiness and warmth for our family and our guests. I haven’t planted a Magnolia tree yet, but would love to one day, for now I think I will have to settle for making a Magnolia wreath to hang on our barn door.

Lots of Love



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