Developing a Growth Mindset and Routine Changes


I think I’m getting used to this homeschooling thing, at least I am coming to love it even more every day.  The kids are working a little differently at the moment however, as the big table where they usually do their work has been taken over by a large patchwork quilt and so they are working at seperate desks, it’s not going as well as I would like and so this afternoon I will undertake the task of reshuffling some things in order for them to go back to working around the big table together. My little Really is the most affected who just loves the company of his brother and sister. I guess it takes a little while to figure these things out doesn’t it?

Sight Words

I am practising sight words with Riley every day, and he is rapidly improving his reading, which is great and really growing in confidence of his ability. With Levi I am working hard on helping him develop a growth mindset for learning, at times he struggles with “I can’t do this… I’m bad at fractions…”. I am trying to help him reframe those thoughts instead with growth mindset language of “I am finding this tricky, I am still learning this… With some effort and help I will get better at this…”.  I was reflecting with Shane today that I am grateful to be spending this time with them, helping not only with the actual information of learning, but the attitudes that surround it. It must be hard in a classroom of 20-30 kids to know what each kids is struggling with emotionally as they approach their work, and so whilst I wish it were different I m happy to hear his struggles and help him with them. {Which I know may teachers do, I just mean the sheer number would be challenging}.

Fruit Plate

We had some fresh fruit for morning tea, a healthy routine for us, to stop mid morning for some freshly cut fruit, before reading time begins. I have changed our approach to the school day, by putting reading time further back at round morning tea time instead of first thing, it is a nice reward after doing some bookwork and easy to do while eating morning tea. I also have time to prepare it, if I am not sitting reading with Riley.

IMG_7995Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

When everybody had finished their work I gave the kids half an hour of computer time, which is the current reward for approaching and doing their bookwork well. They have something they are working on together and it has been amazing as a genuine incentive to work diligently. While they played I baked raspberry and white chocolate muffins for afternoon tea. The kids have played games together, spent some time doing construction activities, lots of reading and the muffins were a huge success. Tonight is soccer training for Levi and preparing for Mia’s birthday on the weekend for me.

Lots of Love







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