Mia’s Birthday Eve


It’s Mia’s Birthday eve and I have succumb to a nostalgic look through old photos and memories. She is so little and perfect. I remember this lovely day scoping out a filming location for a Christmas song we were doing at church, she picked flowers and walked around with me through the farm our friends elderly dog by her side. She has always been charming and delightful, she still is, my little gorgeous one.


This was a day, before I was working and we were members of the zoo, we used to go all the time, just walk around see a few animals, play in the park and head home for a nap after lunch, they were simple and beautiful times I will treasure forever.


Just regular days playing dress ups and making cars from boxes watching the world go by.


Playing the ice game with her brother on the trampoline.


Another day at the zoo, this time with face paint.


Her first day at a new playgroup, where we stayed till she started school.


Rainy days and blankets on the verandah.


Coffee dates on holidays.


Her first day of preschool her brother missed her so much, he kept going to snuggle in her bed.


Bear Grylls meets Cinderella, fun on the farm.


Her first and beloved horse ride. IMG_0330.JPG


Birthday Parties and Selfies.

There are so many more, thee are just from one album… She is a treasure to me, I am so excited to celebrate her tomorrow with french toast for breakfast, presents and maybe a trip to the zoo.

Lots of Love


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