A Short Trip to Melbourne

Well prepare for an upload of blog posts, Shane has been on long service leave and we have been holidaying and enjoying the moments as they come, only to be blogged about later. So here I am, and ready to tell you about all of our adventures.

We started our long service leave, I think I can claim it too for motherhood, with a short trip to Melbourne. My kids had never been there before and it was lovely to introduce them to a new state and city in Australia.


It is such a trendy city, with street art, hipster cafes in alleyways and shopping malls with history running though them. This is where they used to make bullets, it is now a mini museum which we explored, right before we came outside to be entertained by a magic show.


It was cold and a time for warm pyjamas and long chats with cups of hot chocolate from the hotel cafe with my favourite girl.


Those alleyways! This is not my normal version of rolling hills, ducks in a row and trees that I love, but I feel somehow trendier just for walking the streets, although I don’t think it works like that, but one can dream.


Nevertheless, walking around a new city with some of my favourites is pretty great.


Our little mini adventure started to put some life back in our bones after a challenging start to the year. We ended our trip with some time at the park with friends which naturally turned into digging competitions. All in all our trip was pretty simple, nice food, cold weather, pretty streets, shopping and a trip to the park.

IMG_1977.JPGSydney you still have my heart, how could you not with beaches like these.

Lots of  Love,


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