Our Short Trip to the Beach, Clearing the Mind and Filling the Heart


Shortly after we got back from Melbourne,  we headed to the beach for a short coastal trip to clear our heads and fill our hearts. I am head over heels for our beaches and this one in particular is my favourite of all Sydney’s glory. It’s still quiet (for Sydney) with a laid back attitude and cafe with great coffee and no pretension. We walked down for daily for coffee, milkshakes and swims.


It really is the simple things that are the grand things in the end.


Not a bad view to take your mind off the challenges and be reminded of the awesome power of God. Every wave a complete sensory reminder of his strength and power over all things, putting the worries and concerns back in their rightful place before the throne of the steadfast and Almighty God.



Our lives can get so busy full of a hundred little things and pressures, but taking the time to enjoy slowly the simplicity of wave after wave, just the sand and the sea I believe makes space for deep joy. No running around, no pressure to keep up, just salty hair, sun kissed skin and laughter, my favourites.


Our Mornings were by the sea, followed by afternoons of slow time reading on the couch,  windows wide open to allow the sea breeze to roll in and through the house eating our favourite for holidays only ice creams.


Days that ended in Family Board Games and watching the sunset on the porch with cool drinks, cheese and crackers, all with the sound of the ocean as background music was pure bliss. Time to be present with each other and with God gave space for deep healing that is necessary after a storm.


Listening to the waves falling asleep at night, helped to relieve some of the pain from the year that has been. Every sound slowly washing away the grief and a poetic reminder of the ever present, never failing, steady and powerful love of God. For the two months leading up to this trip, I listened to waves on my phone to help me sleep, it helped to stop my mind racing from all the challenges we were facing.  To be here in this season was a tender loving gift from God reminding me he was right there, all along. We soaked up the slow pace in anticipation of the adventure that awaited us in the following week.

Lots of Love



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