Disneyland California Adventure Land with 3 Kids: Day Two of our American Holiday

RJ Asleep

Still a little jet lagged and unbelievably sleeping longer than anyone should on the day you are going to Disneyland for the first time, we eventually woke up Riley and headed down for our first American Breakfast at the hotel.

Waffles For Breakfast

The kids had waffles as promised… Such a novelty to make your own waffles in the hotel, we felt incredibly Australian amongst all the families who knew what they were doing with these machines. It was hilarious really all of us trying to use the machine, and trying to work out the milk and coffee situation. But we got there in the end and fuelled up for our first day in Disneyland.

Minnie Mouse

What trip to Disney is a trip without an oversized pair of mouse ears to get you in the spirit, and they totally did.  I was slightly jealous of the attenders who had their own family team shirts made up, this is a culture that really knows how to get into things and we love them for it.

Rachel and Mary

We met up with some of our best friends who have been going to Disneyland since it was open and so well felt like we had our very own extremely knowledgable tour guides, we didn’t even have to think about a thing and just followed their lead, total bliss.

Mary and Minnie

Our fiends totally loved on the kids and made the experience so memorable and exciting for them, going on every ride with them and screaming with delight.

RJ Eating a Churro

The kids were in a world of wonder exploring the park, in that ind of pinch me stupor that no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot believe what you are experiencing. We stopped for some churros, because obviously we had not had enough sugar already, God bless you holidays.

Rachel and Riley

Riley and I rode together and laughed so loud you could feel all the hurts being healed up and we were transported to a moment of pure happiness. It’s no wonder this is called the happiest place on earth.

Radiator Springs

Cars Land was a favourite with the kids, and the adults too, thankfully my friend knew all the tricks to get on the good rides with minimum wait time and our fast passes (which I highly recommend) were used to perfection. Absolutely worth it for the convenience of not waiting in long lines.

Mater's Junkyard

This was one of the most simple and fun rides, and was a hilarious date for Shane and I. All the kids rode with each other or our friends, and for the first time in years we enjoyed sitting together on a ride at dusk under the fairy lights, with the beautiful California Bear in the background.

Disney at Night

The park transforms into a wonderland at night with all the streets lit up with soft pretty lights.

Swings by Night

Riding the swings at night was Riley’s favourite, swinging happily and overlooking the park all lit up was truly magical.

Shane and Minnie

Our top 5 favourite Rides in Order were: 

Soarin’ around the World

Radiator Springs Racers

Toy story Mania

Silly Symphony Swings

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree



Disney Night

We walked back to our hotel hand in hand, until we got to the beautiful fires burning out the front of our hotel.

Hotel Marriott Anaheim

I don’t want to forget a second of one of the most wonderful days of our lives. I didn’t grow up with much, and would never even have dreamed of going to Disneyland. To be able to have worked hard and saved to take our kids, was one of my life’s richest blessings. Our family fully immersed in another culture, laughing loudly and enjoying every minute.

Lots of Love, and I pray you are blessed just as richly





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