Disneyland with Kids, Day 3 of our California Adventure

Disney Entrance

After a full day at California Adventure Land the day had come to go to Disneyland, the place is like magic. Every detail created to bring joy and a sense of fun and adventure.

Disney Horse

Walking in the streets are lined with shops and beautiful American history that remind me of how much I love this country and am so thrilled to share this learning with the kids.


We were able to investigate the hall of presidents, read and learn more about the history of the country, I am always so moved by the love Americans have for their country and constitution.

Shane Obama

Shane couldn’t resist a photo with Obama, people always say they look alike, and he can do his voice to perfection, hilarious.

Star Wars

There was a star wars exhibition which my boys loved!

Toy Story Ride

Everybody loved this ride!

Space Mountain

But Space Mountain was the favourite, using two of our fast passes to ride it. Riley’s face is hilarious, he rode the whole ride with his eyes closed, little sweetheart.

Dumbo Ride

So we made sure to have some time for slow fun rides too. It's a Small World Ride

My boys never want to hear the song ‘It’s a Small World’ ever again, but we still loved it.


We had the most beautiful Mexican food for dinner after a super fun day filled with rides and food.

Disneyland CastleSeeing the iconic Disney Castle was surreal, and we wandered through the castle soaking up the atmosphere of the happiest place on earth.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Every corner a new adventure, a different tale.

FireworksIt is hard to put into words how special this moment was. Standing with our close friends and my family, eating Disneyland’s beautiful toffee watching the AMAZING fireworks, after one of the best days of my life, was a dream come true. I looked around at my young kids having the time of their lives and thought, if I could just pause this moment forever, this holds so much treasure for me. I am forever grateful.

Our Top 5 Rides today in order were:

Space Mountain 

Indiana Jones (except for Riley who was terrified of the dark, and Mia who refused to get on and stayed with the beautiful Disneyland host) 

Star Tours 

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters 

Dumbo The Flying Elephant 

Mia Disney

Lots of Love




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