From Sequoia to Yosemite National Park, Travelling With 3 Kids

Breakfast WindowAfter a blissful couple of days in Sequoia National Park, we woke once again to the beautiful sound and smell of the forest, enjoyed breakfast by the window while the kids played outside happily counting squirrels and we chatted about our plans for the day, no talk of anything other than our time in the parks. It was heaven. We had been hoping, like most to see a bear, but so far none in sight, so we got the top from the staff to head down to Crescent Meadows, where there are regular bear sightings.

The Road to Crescent Meadow

So with more cliff driving (that I wasn’t expecting, help me) we headed down through the beautiful mountains to the meadow.

Minnie Reading in the Woods

We had a little rest stop along the way, and Mia quickly pulled out her book and sat on the rock to read.

Kids at Crescent Meadows

After a beautiful drive through the mountains, we made it to the meadow. When I heard meadow, for some reason I didn’t expect it to be quite the drive, but that is a thing I have definitely learned about our time in the parks, most things take a while to get to, but half the fun is the journey, and boy was that a lesson I needed to learn. It seems God in his perfect timing, had brought us here to teach us something.

River Crescent Meadows

It was extremely beautiful down in the meadow, if not a little eerie. There were not many people around, like in some of the other tourist spots, and given that we had come here hoping to see a bear, I was a little scared, and less hopeful about a sighting. Not Shane and the boys though, who had seemed to turn into Bear Grylls.

Crescent Meadows

How lovely to walk through, breathe in the air, fresh with the smell of trees and rivers, no sound other than birds and squirrels, so far away from everything and everyone so it seemed. It was the deep rest we all needed in this season, quiet, earthy, new.

Pine Cone Floor

Every now and then I think we need to hit the refresh button and I think we found out how, unplugged and in the forest seems to be the trick if you’re looking for it. Time to talk, to pray and to listen simply again.

Walking through the Meadow

I was listening with extreme intent however as we walked the perimeter of the meadow and through these rocks, for any sign of a bear, rattlesnake or mountain lion, thankfully the only sign we saw or heard were some fresh bear droppings, Hallelujah!

Squirel On the Bridge Claremont Meadows

Dream come true! How cute and Picturesque is this, a squirrel on a wooden bridge in the forest, be still my heart, are we really here! This is probably so commonplace for Americans, but for Australians in the wilderness, we were so happy.

General Grant Sign

I love this! i love that America has a Christmas Tree and I love that it’s in the woods. We decided to do a quick walk to General Grant before driving on to Yosemite.

Sequoia Fire Scar

This is where we learned about fire scars, which was a significant thing for us to learn in our season. It turns out Sequoias, the oldest and largest living trees need fire to grow and multiply. only a fire can cause their seed to open and therefore create more life and greater multiplication. As we learned in nature, I felt like God was reminding me and teaching me that our last season, which certainly produced what I would describe as fire scars in our life, have the ability to help us grow and multiply so that we can be bigger and stronger. What we have just experienced was a season of growth, even though there are scars that remain, we await with patience the next season, choosing joy over bitterness.

American Shed on the way to Yosemite

We spent some time reflecting on the powerful lesson and then began the journey to Yosemite, through the American countryside. Flat plains, farming equipment, sheds and a change of scenery for miles, before heading back through mountainous river country once again, yet different from Sequoia.  God bless the Sierra Nevada.

Bridal Falls YosemiteWe made it to the most beautiful place on Earth, Yosemite Valley, in waterfall season. Everything I had promised to Shane and the kids about its beauty and wonder was delivered upon and then some, they were all in awe of the granite cliffs, running rivers and waterfalls.

Boardwalk Yosemite

The kids ran along the boardwalk listening to the roar of the waterfalls, giddy with delight at a new park and a new experience of America’s stunning beauty.

The Majestic Hotel Yosemite

We headed to the The Majestic hotel for a drink and a play on the lawn, before heading to our hotel just outside the park.

Bear Mural Cedar Lodge

After a long day travelling we headed back for a thoroughly American dinner at our hotel and an early night, ready for a big day in Yosemite the next day.

This is a song from Hillsong I have been listening to in this season, and with this journey the meaning has become so much stronger.

Lots of Love



  1. Amanda Farmer

    I think you may be right. A refreshing way to hit reset. Never been out to Sequoia or Yosemite. But we love going to a cabin is the mountains here in the East coast


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