Glacier Point and Rainbows on Waterfalls at Yosemite National Park


Yosemite MeadowOn our final day in the park, we wandered through the forest, past the waterfalls again, watching the animals, enjoying the sunshine. Shane managed to convince me to drive up the cliffs again to see Glacier Point, reminding me of the potential for beautiful photos.

Glacier Point View

So I put my brave pants on and am so glad I did, because the view was incredible. What a time to come in Spring and to see the Waterfalls from this vantage point.

Half Dome Glacier Point

Half Dome was beautiful too, and I began to feel like I knew the park and had a place here.

Glacier Point Family

Conquering my fear of heights, slowly.

Pine Cones Yosemite

We spent the afternoon wandering through the forest trails accessible through the valley and I found myself wanting to capture every image, every tree, every angle and space each so filled with beauty.

Yosemite Bird

We watched for birds and wildlife, eager to be the first to spot any animal.


We watched this little guy digging for ages.

Merced River Near Waterfall

Knowing it was our last day in the park we wanted to soak up every view, every smell, every sound and so we walked slowly and chatted at length about our favourite moments. I was so sad to leave the park and so grateful for our time here.

Rainbow on Waterfall Yosemite

On our way out of the park we pulled over for a final photograph and had the absolute joy to capture a rainbow on a waterfall in Yosemite. This year I have chosen to invest in myself by pursuing creativity again, taking time to travel to beautiful places and capture images that bring me joy. To be outdoors, to be still and to write, it is like breathing again, deeply. I am thankful once again for God’s great generosity to me and what a farewell from the park.

Yosemite Rainbow

Lots of Love


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