From Yosemite to San Fransisco, a Full and Exhausting Day

Union Square

After a week in the national parks, and some grief saying goodbye to them we headed to San Fransisco. We got rid of our rental car, stayed in a city hotel and decided to walk, cable car and Uber around the city.

Shane San Fransisco Skyline

We arrived, checked in and walked to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We sat outside for lunch and were treated to a beautiful view of the city as well as DELICIOUS food!

Chocolate Cheesecake Factory

This is totally the way to start a trip in San Fran.

Strawberry Lemonade

The Kids all had Strawberry lemonade and cheesecake, which they loved.

Minnie finished Cheesecake Factory

Mia got me to take a million photos to send to our friends we were desperately missing.

Shane Cable CarAfter lunch we got the Cable Car to Lombard street, which was iconic and quick, but our only ride for the trip, it was all we really needed.

Lombard Street

We walked down the landmark winding street with all the other tourists gaining a different view of the San Fransisco Harbour. it was hard to get a good photo at this time of day, with so many people around and a hilarious security officer move people along, who would literally stand in the middle of the road.

Walking in San Fran

From Lombard street we walked to the Wharf, which was interesting for the kids and us to wander up and down the steep hills of San Fran.

Fishermans Wharf

We found the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf and wandered down to Pier 39. The Famous Golden Gate Bridge was no where in sights the day was completely foggy.

Pier 39

The kids LOVED this place! All the sea lions lazing about, fighting, playing, making noises had them captivated for ages.

Watching the Sea Lions

Mia struck up a conversation with the lady standing next to her and they talked for ages together about the sea lions, it was lovely.

The Painted Ladies

We headed back to our apartment then walked to the Painted Ladies, Shane and I had fun talking about the show Full House with the kids which they featured on, they just thought we were old.

RJ Painted Ladies

After a pretty exhausting day we headed back to the hotel, Shane and Riley went to great dinner supplies from Trader Joe’s so we could have a quiet and slightly cheaper night in. We were all totally exhausted from our day, and pretty happy to just eat and sleep.

Lots of Love,



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