San Fransisco Trips, Alcatraz, Ghirardelli and Pier 39

Pier and Alcatraz

Shane is one of those guys who watches documentary upon documentary, history science, how things work… He has watched a lot and by a lot I mean more than me, which for me is none. It is not a part of our relationship we share together, other than any documentary on the American National Parks. We booked the tickets before we left as they can be sold out and those who think you can just buy on the day can be left bitterly disappointed.


Shane took Levi and they went on a day tour so were gone for most of the day and absolutely loved their trip. It certainly made San Fransisco special and memorable for them and was their favourite thing to do by far.


Minnie and RJ at Sea Lion Centre

So the littles and I went to spend the day on Pier 39. Plenty of shops, food, hours watching the seals and a few little rides for the kids.

Minnie San Fran

After so much time all together, it was nice to have a little break and spend some concentrated time with the little ones going at their pace and enjoying a new city.

Minnie and RJ Pier 39


We spent some time at the Sea Lion Discovery Centre which the kids loved, reading about their new favourite animals. Mia had a seal I bought for her when I came on a work trip which she brought with her, so naturally we had to go and find Riley a brother seal.

RJ with Teddies

For lunch we but some San Fransisco Boudin Bread in the shape of a teddy bear and some hot chips (sorry, fries in America) so we could sit and watch the sea lions while we ate.

Teddy Bear Bread Boudin

How cute is he? I love sharing experiences with the kids where we participate in another culture, enjoying their specialty food, sights and enjoyment, it is so much fun to learn this way. I am constantly reminded that to participate in learning, eat the food, walk the streets, explore nature invites us into a depth of learning we can’t find simply by sitting behind a desk and I am so grateful for our life.

Salt Water Taffy

On this culture exploration we bought some salt water taffy to try as I had heard of it, but never tasted it. We were saving it till we got home, but were starving one night at the end of our trip and ate the whole packet.

Pier 39 Wide

The boys met us at the Pier when they were done and we wandered down through the iconic Piers to Ghiradelli Square.

San Fran Pier Line

Where we had the most beautiful chocolate Sundaes and Milkshakes, we would certainly need all the walking we had been doing to burn it off.

Golden Gate Bridge

It was so lovely to have spent time in a World Famous city with the kids, to share in the culture, the sights and the food. We had Shane’s favourite dinner this night at a Diner in the City eating Buffalo Wings, yum. We packed our bags ready to leave early for a flight to San Diego the following day.

Lots of Love





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