From San Fransisco to San Diego

San Fran to San Diego Flight

We deliberated for a long time about the best way to get around California, we really mixed it up this trip with different travel options, in an effort to serve both convenience and trying to keep costs down. We decided to fly United from San Fran to San Diego in order to maximise our time in the states. It was so fun for the kids to fly internally and gave us a break from driving. We left the hotel early on a shuttle, ate breakfast in the airport and were away in the morning arriving shortly after in gorgeous San Diego.


Shane San FranWe checked into our hotel and this photo pretty aptly suggests where we were up to emotionally with travel, exhausted. We decided to have a bit of a go slow day, so we walked to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch, which was BEAUTIFUL!

The cheesecake Factory San Diego

We then headed to the shops at Fashion Valley for another round of Cheesecake Factory deliciousness and a round of shopping. After all that cheesecake we thought it best to do some walking and so we headed from Fashion Valley to the closest Grocery store where we got some supplies for the evening and took an Uber home.

Tide Washing

Given everybody’s exhaustion we stayed in for the evening and did some laundry. now that we had access to washing machines and caught up on some social media. Simple, but necessary.

Lot of Love






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