Wandering The World Famous San Diego Zoo with the Family

San Diego Zoo Sculpture

Apparently it doesn’t rain much in California, let alone San Diego, so to be travelling around the zoo with a light drizzle was special indeed, for someone who loves rain that is.


On arrival we headed straight to the African habitats, which were really beautiful, open and the work put into the garden to create an African landscape made it all the more lovely.

Llama Zoo

There were so many animals we wouldn’t normally see in our zoo and so it made it all the more special to wander the map looking for animals we had never before seen up close.

Capybara Zoo

I could only keep repeating “Rodents of Unusual Size” from the Princess Bride when we saw the Capybaras.

Tarantula Zoo

I am so glad these are the only Tarantulas I saw whilst in the states, they are somehow terrifyingly beautiful though. So much detail for such a small creature, that I never want to encounter.


I was also fairly nervous about encountering a rattlesnake whilst hiking around California, also thankfully this is the only one we saw. I feel my Australian heritage is coming into question here, we have far worse spiders and snakes, but I don’t like the ones I don’t know, actually I don’t like the ones I do know either.

Zoo Bird

I have never seen one of these birds before.

Silverback Zoo

Spending time at the Gorilla enclosure was so fascinating, watching their movements and interactions with each other.

RJ Monkey

I love these type of things at zoos, capturing there age and stage with fun creates such special memories.

Panda Zoo

We had to line up to see the Pandas, which were totally worth the wait, I haven’t seen one since they came to Taronga Zoo when I was a little girl.

Flamingo Zoo

Which was the same as the Flamingos, what incredibly fascinating birds.

Baby Giraffe

BABY Giraffes, so wonky and adorable.


I love otters, such fun and playful creatures.

Grizzly Zoo

The Grizzly Bear, so adorable and terrifying, what a magnificent animal.

Polar Bear Zoo

Polar Bear Rockmelon

Minnie Reading Zoo

Minnie and Polar Bear Zoo

Here is where we spent as much time as we could, Mia’s favourite the polar bear. She still talks about this moment daily, they ate, they played and they swam for ages in front of us which was so incredibly special.

A beautiful day spent in the zoo and a fair workout walking around the enormous zoo. Home for the evening for dinner and packing to leave the next day.

Lots of Love




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