San Diego; Visiting Seaport Village, the USS Midway Museum and Old Town


We headed to Seaport Village for the morning, which started as usual with a Starbucks Coffee, Levi has been joining in with us sharing in having a Caramel Frappe. this is the stuff of holidays, a nice new drink you can share in.

Seaport Village

We wandered down the Seaport village walkway to investigate the ship we saw at the opposite end.

USS Midway Museum

Which happened to be the USS Midway Museum, Shane was in heaven.

Shane at USS Midway

He and the boys decided to spend the morning exploring, while Mia and i happily offered to go shopping in Seaport Village instead.

USS Midway Anchored

The boys absolutely loved their experience, and Shane claims this as his favourite time in America.

Bath Bombs

Mia and I loved our time wandering the shops, spending time in the bath soap shop.


The Christmas store, be still my heart, I will have to post a photo of our find here at Christmas time.

228 Shopping Days till Christmas

I even love their countdown to Christmas sign, so quaint and lovely.

Greek Islands Cafe San Diego

We ate lunch here by the water at a beautiful Greek Cafe, amazing. 

Old Town San Diego

When we had finished wandering around the village we headed to Old Town San Diego, have I mentioned that I love California? Because I do.

Old Town San Diego Courthouse

There was interesting history and museums to learn from, as we wandered with the kids reading and exploring.

Wells Fargo

They had never heard of Wells Fargo until we came to America, and so it was interesting learning the history.

Old Town

Such different architecture in Southern California where we could see where the influence had come from.

Blacksmith Anvil

Meeting the Old town blacksmith was a highlight, we listened and learned from him for ages.

Blacksmith Workshop

So wonderful to learn about history in another part of the world. The kids asked questions and he answered with such knowledge and desire to help them think and learn.

Soap Shop

There was also lovely shopping to be done in unique stores dotted throughout the property.

Candle Shop Old Town

Post Shop Old Town

Oh how I love this picture, the red, the wood, the dried foliage.

Flags Old Town

Colour around every corner and a truly festive atmosphere.

Treasures of Mexico

I love Terracotta Tiles.

Garden Flags

Shane Restaurant

We ate dinner at the most beautiful Mexican restaurant, sitting back relaxing in the joy filled atmosphere chatting about our day. This is the way to do learning and holidays.

Succulent Wall

From here we headed to our hotel in Orange County watching the sunrise over the beaches as we drove, absolute heaven.

Lots of Love




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