Orange County; Visiting Saddleback and Shopping

Minnie Waffle

Waffles for breakfast again, I cannot imagine eating like this all the time, but holidays it is so load up the m&m’s and whipped cream.


The reason we came back to LA was to be able to visit Saddleback church before we left. I visited two years ago and was blown away by their ingenuity in thinking about space and children’s programs. Years ago when I began working in youth ministry I read Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields, and have recently read Children’s Ministry on Purpose by Steve Adams.

Shane at Saddleback

We loved our morning here, on the real mother’s day. Shane loved seeing what they did with their property, and the kids loved seeing the church I had described to them as well as enjoying their programs. They all came out raving about what they had learned and how much fun they had. thank you, Saddleback!

Starbucks San Clemente

Given we only had one more day until heading home, we decided to do some shopping, we had left it till the last few days so we didn’t have to lug it around with us. Naturally we needed some coffee to get us going.

Starbucks Carpark

We sat out in the California sunshine enjoying some slow time together before hitting the shops.

Levi's Bag

We can’t resist buying Levi’s clothes given we have a Levi and love the name.

Hotel Swim

We didn’t last that long and came back to the hotel for the afternoon to swim and read by the pool, we haven’t done much sitting around these holidays and it was lovely to spend a couple of hours poolside. We stayed in for the night before getting ready to pack ahead of going back to Australia the following day.


Lots of Love








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