Our Last Day in California

Shopping Orange County

On our last day in California, we spent the morning shopping at Irvine Spectrum Centre, all I wanted to do was soak up every last moment in this beautiful state and country, longing to be home in my own bed and also never wanting to leave.

In N Out

We didn’t have much planned for the day, other than shopping and making sure we hung around LA so that we wouldn’t get stuck in traffic on the way to LAX. So heading in the general direction of the airport we ate lunch at an In-n-Out for a totally American experience.

Riley In N Out

We all totally loved it, although I think I have had enough burgers for a lifetime, cannot wait to get home and cook up a huge bowl of vegetables.

Beverly Hills

We headed up the coast and drove around Beverly Hills looking for the Hollywood sign , which we couldn’t find, went to Muscle Beach which was a huge disappointment and eventually accepted the fact that our time in America was over and headed to the airport super early.

LAX Terminal

LAX is a pretty great airport and even though we were here for hours (I love to be early) there was plenty to do and observe. We ate dinner, shopped and watched the planes until it was our turn to board. While we have had the best holiday of our lives, we are also excited to get home to our own beds and our dog.

Riley Jetlagged

Our friend picked us up from the airport when we made it back to Sydney and it wasn’t long before Riley was overtaken by jet lag once again.

Darby Bushwalk

Riley regularly cried about missing our dog Darby while we were away, and grew even more fond of other dogs as he missed his own. Reuniting with his four legged best friend and going for a walk was just what he needed.

Breakfast Bowl

After all our eating in America, it was time to hit back into healthy eating and exercise again.

Lots of Love


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