31 Days of Homeschool Adventures


fullsizeoutput_62cWe have just started our Homeschooling Journey, participating in the 31 Days challenge I am documenting the beginning of our homeschooling journey. The Story, the implementation, the vision and hopefully the laughs. If you are writing in the series as well, please leave me a comment so I can pop on over to your space x

Day One – Our Adventure into De-Schooling; Freedom on Purpose 

Day Two – Inspiring Curiosity at the Museum, From a Mum Who Didn’t Want To Go 

Day Three – For Now I Just Wanted To Tell You How Happy I Am 

Day Four – I Thank God For This Day, Choosing Free

Day Five – Homeschooling & Immediately Back to  the Drawing Board

Day Six – There’s So Much to Learn Out Here;  Homeschooling at the Beach

Day Seven – Delicious Pastry, Spending Time With My Kids in the Kitchen

Day Eight – Our Favourite Chocolate Tart, A Recipe for Entertaining

Day Nine – Back Home; Homeschooling Traditions to Start the New Term 

Day Ten – Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things 

Day Eleven – Just an Average Day in Our Homeschooling Life 

Day Twelve – I Never Knew School Could Be so Much Fun; Homeschooling by the River

Day Thirteen – The Pace of Adventure 

Day Fourteen – Homeschool Dreaming; Wandering Around the World

Day Fifteen – Life as a Kid’s Pastor & a Homeschool Mum

Day Sixteen – Our Trip to the Dentist & the Perks of Homeschool Life 

Day Seventeen – Of Books, Weeds and Character Formation

Day Eighteen – The Small Adventures of Gardening and Reading Lists 

Day Nineteen – Here’s To Charlotte Mason and an Outdoor Education

Day Twenty – What’s Not to Love About Rainy Days and Homemade Pizza

Day Twenty One – Saturday We Love You

Day Twenty Two – There are No Lazy Sundays in Our Home

Day Twenty Three – New Days, New Plantings

Day Twenty Four – The Small Simple Days 

Day Twenty Five – Today was Ministry and Homeschool

Day Twenty Six – When Your day Doesn’t Start as Planned 

Day Twenty Seven – Off to the The Markets With My Baby Girl

Day Twenty Eight – Bailey’s Cheesecake with Minnie

Day Twenty Nine – Tirimisu With Minnie

Day Thirty – Teaching Minnie Leadership Skills Whilst Running Playgroup 

Day Thirty One – What I Learned This Month 


Lots of Love x



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