31 Days of Homeschool Adventures


fullsizeoutput_62cWe have just started our Homeschooling Journey, participating in the 31 Days challenge I am documenting the beginning of our homeschooling journey. The Story, the implementation, the vision and hopefully the laughs. If you are writing in the series as well, please leave me a comment so I can pop on over to your space x

Day One – Our Adventure into De-Schooling; Freedom on Purpose 

Day Two – Inspiring Curiosity at the Museum, From a Mum Who Didn’t Want To Go 

Day Three – For Now I Just Wanted To Tell You How Happy I Am 

Day Four – I Thank God For This Day, Choosing Free

Day Five – Homeschooling & Immediately Back to  the Drawing Board

Day Six – There’s So Much to Learn Out Here;  Homeschooling at the Beach

Day Seven – Delicious Pastry, Spending Time With My Kids in the Kitchen

Day Eight – Our Favourite Chocolate Tart, A Recipe for Entertaining

Day Nine – Back Home; Homeschooling Traditions to Start the New Term 

Day Ten – Homeschooling a Few of My Favourite Things 

Day Eleven – Just an Average Day in Our Homeschooling Life 

Day Twelve – I Never Knew School Could Be so Much Fun; Homeschooling by the River

Day Thirteen – The Pace of Adventure 

Day Fourteen – Homeschool Dreaming; Wandering Around the World

Day Fifteen – Life as a Kid’s Pastor & a Homeschool Mum

Day Sixteen – Our Trip to the Dentist & the Perks of Homeschool Life 

Day Seventeen – Of Books, Weeds and Character Formation

Day Eighteen – The Small Adventures of Gardening and Reading Lists 

Day Nineteen – Here’s To Charlotte Mason and an Outdoor Education

Day Twenty – What’s Not to Love About Rainy Days and Homemade Pizza

Day Twenty One – Saturday We Love You

Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty Three

Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Six

Day Twenty Seven

Day Twenty Eight

Day Twenty Nine

Day Thirty

Day Thirty One


Love Rachel x




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